All I am and hope to be is by God's grace.

let's get personal

I ticked the boxes that looks good to the world, but could have led me on a dark path. In nearly two decades and by God's grace, I coached, mentored, trained and supported thousands of individuals across many industries, countries and cultures.
 With over 500 speaking engagements; including  a TEDx talk, I  delivered countless training collaborations with top organisations like KPMG, British Council and many top universities and churches.  
I travelled to over 40 countries, wrote many personal and professional development materials, authored 2 books. Then God opened my eyes to the root of some of the things taught in the industry.
I made a decision to use my gifts for God's kingdom.
If I am not reading my Bible, you will likely find me mentoring, praying for others, hiking with my family in Iceland or helping on a farm somewhere in Ghana.

Now I can I see...

I have come a long way from selling fruits, to following my fascination with geography to study Tourism for my undergraduate degree in Ghana, then an eTourism degree for my Masters in England.
I worked for a Tourist Board, various organisations, including a top advertising agency, where I managed global brands like Nestl√© and MoneyGram tell their stories and sell their products. 
I have since followed my  God given gift and switched to Human Resources, where I thrived and became a multiple award winning international trainer and personal development coach and then the Holy Spirit opened my eyes.
All I want to do is serve God.

If it wasn't for God, I would have been lost.

Once upon a time, I was that child who loved the outdoors climbing trees, and selling fruits in season after school.
 Growing up was fun, but rough sometimes.
I am grateful I joined a Bible Club as a 9 year old. I always loved to read the Bible and won several bible competitions and awards.
Even though my environment at the time was not the perfect example of what greatness looked like, God always had a plan for my life. The Bible Club gave was a solid foundation that  led me to appreciating the gift of salvation.

God had a plan ... 

where I started

My Favourite Bible verses

Mattew 6:33 and many more

If I could travel anywhere tomorrow, it'd be...

Israel, Japan...

Run, walks or Hikes?

Long walks!

Favorite place to  be 

In nature

Favourite Book

The HolyBible

Favorite Happy Hour Drink

Icelandic water

Fun Facts About me!


Encourage you to stay in the faith

Minimise distractions and spend time in God's word alone and together

Pray with you

Find community and support

Enough about me, I'm here to...


"Edem approaches everything with a spirit of excellence.
She really knows her stuff. "

I will love to hear from you and see how best I can support you.

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